Reputation Management Guys - is Scam !!!!!


I contacted regarding some erronious reviews about our consulting business.Steven Wyer who is also behind contacted me regarding my inquiry.

He quickly "befriended" me and expressed compassion and empathy. He also explained he was an Author and he too had been a victim. He asked many questions and i requested aproposal which was emailed within a few days. Steven is a silver tongued salesman.

He underpromises because he plans to never deliver. He took approximately $40,000 and we got no sustainable results. He sent me reports of his teams work and went on and on about his moral and religious beliefs. And bottom line is he lied about many things.

He has been under investigation for fraud and various other criminal and civil violations. He is bad news. His company over charges and delivers nothing. Dont send this man a dime.

No results - lies on top lies . Ilegal seo and online reputation tactics.

Horrible content.Just a rip off.

Review about: Online Reputation Management Services.

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